Parts, Supplies & Service

Repair Parts

We represent R&R replacement parts.
We offer a wide range of parts for all major brands of commercial turf equipment.

We also have a wide assortment of maintenance and accessory items including:

  • Pin High Lapping Compound
  • Hole-in-White Paint
  • Turf Marking Paint (Standard and Par Aide)
  • Dragmats by Keystone
  • US Golf Hole Targets
  • Accu-Guage & Birdie Bar HOC height of cut measuring tools
  • All sizes of Turf Tires
  • “E-Z Reacher” litter pickers
  • JRM Tines and Bedknives
  • Briggs Engine Parts

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Golf Course Supplies

We represent Par-Aide, BAYCO and Standard Golf course supplies, Miltona course accessories and tools, Accuform Rakes, US golf hole targets, Rustoleum Turf marking paint, Hole-in-White paint as well as a selection of other support items.

We would be happy to send you a current catalogue, arrange to send you samples and quote on your requirements.

Competitive Pricing and fast delivery are our most important goals.

Service Department

Our Service Department works on all brands of Turf Maintenance Equipment.
We use FOLEY (Spin and Relief) Reel Grinders
We offer competitive prices and fast turn around.
Call us today to find out more details.