About Us

We are a company focused on the supply of COMMERCIAL TURF EQUIPMENT, Parts, Golf Course Accessories, Supplies and Repairs to the commercial turf-grass industry. Our Customers are: Golf Courses, School Districts, Municipalities and Large Landscape areas throughout British Columbia.

Our focus on Equipment is the unique niche type products. We concentrate on a few “allied” lines that compliment the major suppliers. These products include Deep Tine Aerators, core type aerators, Greens Rollers, Turf Sweepers, Sand Trap Rakes, a wide range of turf sprayers, leaf blowers, specialty rotary mowers, Overseeders, 36″- 96″ zero turn mowers (ztr), large fertilizer spreaders and a few others. We actively demonstrate and sell each of these products.

Our focus on Parts, Golf Course Accessory items and general supplies is to offer quality products at a fair price and to be able to deliver this product in a timely fashion. We currently offer R&R repair parts and units, Standard and Par-Aide and Bayco golf course accessories as well as a variety of other items such as Dragmats, Specialty Tools, Turf Paint, Lapping Compound, grinding wheels, tines and a lot more.

Our focus on Service and Repairs is to offer high quality work at a fair price and a very fast turn around time. We currently have several service contracts in place for customers who do not have a full time mechanic or need help with the more complex repairs.

Our goal and commitment is to keep the company focused on providing a variety of quality, niche products backed up with a reputation of Customer Service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.