About Us

Since 1998, We have been a company focused on the supply of COMMERCIAL TURF EQUIPMENT, Parts, Golf Course Accessories, Supplies and Repairs to the commercial turf-grass industry. Our Customers are: Golf Courses, School Districts, Municipalities and Large Landscape areas throughout British Columbia. We are a 100% Canadian company based in Delta BC.

Our focus on Equipment is the unique niche type products. We concentrate on a few “allied” lines that compliment the major suppliers. These products include Deep Tine Aerators, Overseeders, core type aerators, Reel & Bedknife Grinding Machines, Greens Rollers, Turf Sweepers, Sand Trap Rakes, a wide range of TURF SRAYERS (including the TeeJet Matrix GPS guided units),  specialty Rotary Mowers, , large Fertilizer Spreaders and more.
We actively demonstrate and sell each of these products.

Our focus on Parts, Golf Course Accessory items and General Supplies is to offer quality products at a fair price and to be able to deliver this product in a timely fashion. We currently offer R&R repair parts and units, Standard and Par-Aide and Bayco golf course accessories as well as a variety of other items such as Dragmats, Specialty Tools, Turf Paint, Lapping Compound, grinding wheels, tines and a lot more.

Our focus on Service and Repairs is to offer high quality work at a fair price and a very fast turn around time. We currently have several service contracts in place for customers who do not have a full time mechanic or need help with the more complex repairs.

Our goal and commitment is to keep the company focused on providing a variety of quality, niche products backed up with a reputation of Customer Service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.