AIR 2 G2

The Air 2 G2 336 from Foley company has seen a few GREAT improvements over the last year!

How The AIR2G2 Turf Air Injection System Works

The Air2G2 336 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurized air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil, in a diameter of up to 9 feet, reaching deep into the soil profile. Compacted layers for   m as a result of foot traffic, mechanical traffic and nature‚Äôs daily wear and tear. These laterally injected air blasts loosen compacted soil immediately, without any disruption to the surface of the turf or the roots below.

The injected air relieves Compaction, increases Porosity and enhances Respiration which in turn allows water to drain easily and promotes gas exchange. But most importantly, it does so with little to no disturbance to the turfgrass surface, the roots below and doesn’t leave a trace of cores to clean up afterward.

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